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The USG Durock™ Brand Uncoupling Mat is a lightweight, high performance crack isolation, waterproofing and vapor management underlayment membrane for use with ceramic tile and natural stone installations in both residential and commercial applications. The membrane features a low-density polyethylene (LDPE) core to reduce roll-back memory during installation and a reinforced fleece backing keys into mortar providing a secure mechanical bond to the substrate. Its unique dimple design and non-woven fabric allows for minimal passes to fill cavities with mortar. When exposed to stresses from in-plane lateral movement of the substrate, the USG Durock™ Uncoupling Mat absorbs and prevents the transfer of those stresses (up to 1/8"), preserving the integrity of the tile installation.

Durock Uncoupling Mat

  • 43 in. x 98 ft. (1.1 m x 30 m) roll 355 sf

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