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For more than 30 years NAC has revolutionized the way decorative floors are installed beginning with ECB® the first self-adhering anti-fracture membrane!  
The success of ECB® has evolved into an extensive line of crack isolation, sound control and waterproofing solutions that are proven to out-perform the competition.



NAC ECB 12" Anti-Fracture Membrane Kit

Strip applications of NAC ECB® provide an alternative to full floor coverage and will protect hard surface flooring from isolated cracks. 

The ECB® Kit is designed for installations using tiles measuring 12" or less and will protect finished floors from lateral substrate movement up to 1/4".


  • 1 12" x 50' roll ECB®

  • 1 Pint NAC TAC Primer

  • 1 Primer Brush

  • 1 Utility Knife

NAC ECB 24" Anti-Fracture Membrane Kit

Larger tiles demand the use of wider membrane applications to prevent substrate movement from disturbing the new tile installation.

The best way to ensure maximum fracture-free protection for tile, stone and other large-format, hard surface flooring is with full floor coverage of 36” NAC ECB® membrane. 

The Large Tile Kit is a versatile alternative to the ECB® Kit that can accomodate large sized or small sized tile installations.  The 24” wide ECB® anti-fracture membrane can accommodate tiles up to 24” x 24” and provide protection up to 1/4" of lateral substrate movement.


  • 1 24" x 25' roll ECB®

  • 1 Pint NAC TAC Primer

  • 1 Primer Brush

  • 1 Utility Knife


NAC ECB Anti-Fracture Membrane

NAC ECB® is a self-bonding, sheet applied elastomeric membrane and is designed for use under floor surfaces that require protection from structural movement.

ECB® consists of a base layer of polymer modified elastomers, permanently laminated to a unique "stress flex" fiber sheet. Together they form a single 40 mil (1/16") thick, high strength self-bonding membrane that is easily applied. The elastomeric base functions as a buffer, absorbing the thermal and lateral structural movement of the sub-floor (up to 3/8"), while the "stress flex" fiber sheet creates a new flooring surface which will accommodate most ANSI A118.4 mortars, organic adhesives and epoxy setting materials.  ECB® adheres permanently to the substrate, remains flexible and will last the life of the flooring surface.

NAC ECB Primer NAC TAC Interior/Exterior

NAC TAC is a non-flammable, neoprene-based primer for use in interior OR exterior applications. NAC TAC is a pre-mixed formula that requires no thinning, establishes a permanent bond in 48 hours and will not re-emulsify.

Available in both Quart and Gallon size.


The NAC Strataflex is a high strength, self-bonding, elastomeric sheet applied membrane designed for use under interior or exterior floor surfaces that require waterproof protection.

Strataflex is a 40 mil (approx. 1/16") thick, high strength self-bonding, elastomeric sheet membrane composed of a base layer of polymer modified elastomers permanently laminated to a unique “stress flex” fiber sheet with a 2" double stick lap joint. Strataflex is designed for use under floor surfaces, such as stone, ceramic and porcelain tile, wood and commercial grade vinyl tile that require protection from water penetration, structural and thermal movement and Moisture Vapor Transmission.

Strataflex utilizes 2" double stick lap joints to form a continuous, impervious water barrier that provides long lasting waterproof protection.  At perimeters or cut areas an NAC approved polyurethane sealant may be used and 6” Seam Tape may be used at floor to wall, wall to wall, wall to ceiling joints, at drains and protrusions.

NAC StrataFlex Waterproof Membrane
NAC Subseal Liquid Waterproofing

The NAC SubSeal® is a high solids, one part, ready-to-use, elastomeric waterproofing membrane which also functions as a sealant, stand-alone crack suppressant and moisture barrier for interior and exterior applications of hard surface, resilient and wood flooring.

Easily applied with a trowel, roller, brush or airless sprayer,SubSeal® bonds to the substrate with superior adhesion and meets ANSI A118.10 for thin-bed, load bearing waterproof membranes.

NAC StrataFlex Waterproof Membrane

Seam tape is a 6" double-stick elastomeric tape designed for use with NAC sheet applied and liquid applied membrane 


This tape can be used for interior and exterior applications to waterproof seams, joints, shower curbs, drains, exterior decks and balconies and other protrusions.  Seam tape is a double stick product but it must be used with an NAC Primer for maximum adhesion.

Seam tape is NOT a stand alone product and where exposed, must be covered with membrane.

It is appropriate for thin bed and thick bed applications and tile may be installed same day if no flood testing is required.

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