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Wedi - the specialist and partner in waterproof and directly tileable building panels, customizable shower systems and many more modular design systems made for tile and stone finishes. Founded 30 years ago, the Wedi group is still a family owned company today. The quality and innovation leader is today active in 36 countries and works closely with distribution partners and servicing architects, builders, retailers and end-consumers for all their needs projects around wet room design and preparation. Wedi product systems are top of the line choice products in the commercial or residential sector, whether it is about new construction or renovation.




wedi Manufacturing Tour

wedi Manufacturing Tour
wedi Manufacturing Tour
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wedi Manufacturing Tour

wedi Fundo Click and Seal Drain Installation - Point Drain Shower Bases
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wedi Fundo Click and Seal Drain Installation - Point Drain Shower Bases

wedi Fundo Click and Seal Drain Installation - Linear Drain Shower Bases
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wedi Fundo Click and Seal Drain Installation - Linear Drain Shower Bases

[EN] wedi® Curb Cap Installation
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[EN] wedi® Curb Cap Installation




wedi Waterproof Shower Systems offer reliable, cost-efficient solutions for constructing 100% waterproof and mold proof showers and are easy to install.


Wedi Fundo Primo

Shower Pan Used With Curb

The original wedi Fundo: Robust, presloped, waterproof, shower floor bases with 4” x 4” drain cover. Drain cover is included.

Bathroom scene 3.jpg

Wedi Ligno

Curbless Shower Pan

Our newest shower base model: Floor level 3/4” profile designed especially for suspended wood subfloors. Drain cover is included.


Wedi Riolito

Shower Pan With Linear Drain (With Curb)

Fully factory integrated linear drainage. Models include one-way, two-way, and four-way slope designs.


wedi Building Panels are the ultimate and complete wet room tile backer board and often used within the range of wedi shower systems as well as on walls, floors, countertops and many more applications.

  • For Shower, Tub & Steam Room Walls and Ceilings, Separate Steam Rooms & Showers (Building Panel Vapor 85)

  • Over Wood and Concrete Subfloors – For use as a flooring underlayment with insulation value

  • For use in countertop and kitchen backsplash installations

  • For use when constructing bathroom seats and benches


wedi Prefabricated Modules open up a whole new world of design possibilities for showers, wet areas and baths.

  • Curbs

  • Recessed Niches

  • Benches and Seats

  • Sloped Shower Ramps


wedi Installation Accessories & Tools offer additional products you need for the installation and guarantee maximum safety and easy handling.

  • Joint Sealant

  • wedi waterproofing sheet membranes
    and tapes

  • Fastener Systems (washer and screws)

Step 1 Products



Wedi Fundo Primo

Shower Pan Used With Curb

The classic designs of the Fundo floor element range are the square and rectangular styles; these designs offer generous space for showering. The tileable floor units are not only highly practical and reliable, but they have also opened up a whole new world of design possibilities for wet rooms and bathrooms.

Available Sizes (in feet):

3' x 3'

3' x 4'

3' x 4'

3' x 6'

3' x 6' w/ Offset Drain

4' x 4'

4' x 5'

4' x 6'

4' x 7'

5' x 5'

5' x 6'

5' x 7'

6' x 6'

Wedi Ligno

Curbless Shower Pan

Wedi Fundo Ligno is designed to provide a low profile base of only ¾ of an inch. This permits an installation to allow a flush transition which is barrier free without cutting into floor joists. This system is designed to work without a curb. When installed according to Wedi specifications this base can withstand point loads such as a wheelchair. You can install this system with confidence knowing you have not changed the floor joists in any way. As with all Wedi components this installation is fast, customizable, modular and is covered by Wedi’s Full System Warranty.

Available Sizes (in feet):

3' x 4'

3' x 5'

4' x 4'

5' x 5'

Wedi Riolito System

Shower Pan With Linear Drain (With Curb)

Wedi Riolito Shower Pans

The Wedi Riolito pan system allows the drain to be at the side of the shower instead of centered. This allows a more unique installation using larger tiles and a drain system that with our tileable cover is nearly invisible. This allows more design freedom for tile selection as well as a new modern look that makes your shower a truly custom design.

Available Sizes (in feet):

3' x 5'

4' x 5'

4' x 6'

32 in x 5 ft (Ideal for Tub Replacement)

Wedi Riolito Neo Modular Pans

The floor-level shower element features three innovations which deliver real added value both visually and in terms of practicability: a drainage channel right next to the wall, a completely continuous slope right to the channel and more flexible adjustment to the room situation.
The new Fundo Riolito neo is available not only in multiple formats, but also has the option of short or long channel drains. The shorter channel drain gives more flexibility on site to cut the floor elements to a individual customized size.

Available Sizes (in inches):

32” x 5 3/4” with 27 1/2” Channel Line Module

48” x 5 3/4” with 43 5/16” Channel Line Module

32” x 66 3/4” Extension Module

48” x 66 3/4” Extension Module


Wedi Riolito Cover Plates

A small but excellent eye-catcher for this is the drain grate. Design variations: standard and tileable.

Available Sizes (corresponding pan size):

3' x 5' Standard

3' x 5' Tileable

4' x 5' Standard

4' x 5' Tileable

4' x 6' Standard

4' x 6' Tileable

32" x 5' Standard

32" x 5' Tileable

Wedi Riolito Discreto Tileable Vertical Drain Cover

As a simple attachment element, this creates an attracive wall drain and can be expanded in all directions.

Step 2 Building Panels

Wedi Backer Boards
Building Panels for Non-Steam Showers

Wedi building boards have a blue core made from CFC-free extruded polystyrene rigid foam. This makes the Wedi building board an ideal basis for any type of plaster and tile. Wedi building boards can be applied to practically any substrate, are waterproof, insulating, versatile, light and robust.

Available Sizes (in feet):

2' x 4'

3' x 5'

3' x 5'

4' x 5'

4' x 8'

2' x 8'

2' x 8'

2' x 8'

2' x 8'

Thickness (in inches):








1 1/2"


Wedi Backer Boards Vapor
Building Panels for Steam Showers

The wedi building board Vapor is a composite element made from extruded polystyrene rigid foam reinforced on both sides with a special cement coating and with a vapour barrier on one side. If building a steam shower you will also need wedi 610 adhesive sealant.

Available Sizes (in feet):

3' x 8'

Thickness (in inches)


Step 3 Prefabricated Modules

Wedi Sanoasa Benches

Shower Bench Module

Wedi building boards have a blue core made from CFC-free extruded polystyrene rigid foam. This makes the Wedi building board an ideal basis for any type of plaster and tile. Wedi building boards can be applied to practically any substrate, are waterproof, insulating, versatile, light and robust.

Available Benches:

Angled M (Square Edge)

Angled L (Square Edge)

Rounded M

Rounded L

Dimensions (in inches):

35" x 18" x 15"

47" x 18" x 15"

35" x 18" x 15"

47" x 18" x 15"

Wedi Sanoasa Corner Seats

Corner Seat Module

The innovation is in the detail. The newly developed Wedi corner seat in a pure triangular shape is available in two sizes and provides you with a relaxing wellness break even in a very small shower.
The Wedi Sanoasa corner seat is a floating seat element for individual tiling. It offers added value for all generations and is also perfect for use in small showers thanks to its compact design. Installation can be done both on the raw surface as well as after tiling.

Available Sizes (in inches):

17" Medium

24" Large

Wedi Niches

Shower Shelf Module

Wedi prefabricated niches are fabricated from ½” Building Panels for strength and come in four different size options.
The perfect fit for all your shower necessities, our niches install quickly and safely, and integrate flush into the wall panel assembly with Wedi fasteners and Wedi sealant. Shelves, included in some models, are flexible and can be installed exactly where they will fit your design best.

Inner Dimensions:

8" x 12" x 3"

12" x 12" x 3"

12" x 18" x 3" (2" shelf)

12" x 38" x 3" (lean combo)

Outer Dimensions:

16" x 12" x 4"

16" x 16" x 4"

16" x 22" x 4"

16" x 42" x 4"

Wedi Full Foam Shower Curbs

Shower Curb Module

Wedi Full Foam Curbs combine it all in one element when compared to traditional methods of 2’ x 4’ wood assembly, lath, mud and waterproofing. They come presloped so water runs back into the shower.

Available Sizes (in feet):


5' Lean


8' Lean

Wedi Shower Ramp ADA Approved

Shower Ramp Module

The Wedi Shower Ramp is used to create curbless showers without recessing the shower base into the subfloor. It provides a 1” slope over a 12” length and meets ADA requirements. The ramp should not be tiled with tiles smaller than 4” x 4” when wheelchairs are used in this shower.

Available Sizes:

5' x 12"

Wedi Shower Pan Extensions

Shower Pan Extension Module

The Wedi shower pan extension is a floor-level shower extension designed for use with Wedi shower bases. Unlike traditional shower elements, the Wedi shower system is designed to work without time-consuming leveling measures and it fits into its environment perfectly.

Available Sizes (in inches):

48" x 24" Pre-Grooved

12" x 72" Lean

Ligno Pan 12" x 60"

Step 4 Products

Wedi Joint Sealing Caulk

Everyday Wedi Caulk

Wedi Joint Sealant is a low V.O.C ( <1%) variety component, Modified Silane MS Polymer that chemically reacts with moisture to deliver strong, flexible and tenacious bonds to variety of surfaces.

Available Sizes:

10.3 oz Caulk Tube

20 oz Sausage Tube

Wedi 610 Adhesive Caulk

Steam Shower Caulk

10oz caulk tubes and 20oz sausage tubes available. Better to be safe than sorry. As a versatile single-component adhesive sealant, wedi 610 is especially suited to waterproof butt joints of building boards. Furthermore, wedi 610 has outstanding resistance to the elements; and to chemicals; and is also free of solvents, silicon and PCP.
As an abP-approved system, the combination of wedi 610 and wedi building boards reduces installation time by up to 50% because no further sealing is required, even in areas of high humidity.

Available Sizes:

10 oz Caulk Tube

20 oz Sausage Tube

Wedi Fundo Drain Covers

Drain Covers for Fundo Primo and Ligno

Specifically for Fundo floor elements a wide variety of drain covers have been developed ranging from classic to modern right through to covers made from massive stainless steel. Wedi Fundo Primo and Ligno shower pans come with the standard stainless strainer.

Available Types:

Standard Stainless Strainer

Tileable Drain Cover

Old Rubbed Bronze Strainer


Essential for Wedi Installation

Insulation board washers prevent the screws penetrating into the XPS foam. Comes with securing tabs or without tabs.


1 1/4 With Tabs

Container Size:

1000 ct

Fastener Kit

Screws and Washers

100 ct screws and 100 ct washers with or without tabs. This kit is excellent for smaller projects.

Available Types:

1 5/8" With Tabs

1 5/8 Without Tabs (for Vapor 85 Board Only)

Mesh Tape

Special fibre tape for reinforcement or bridging of building board butt joints.

Available Sizes:

5" x 82'

2' x 164'

Corner Putty Knife

Wedi corner putty knife made of thick and durable plastic, perfect for clearing off excess sealing and grouting material. For use with Wedi Shower systems.

Wedi Subliner Dry

Sealing Membrane

Thin-layer, crack-bridging sealing membrane made from highly tear-resistant polyethylene film that ensures excellent adhesion of tile-setting compounds thanks to its special fleece layer on each side. This product can be used with ceramic tiles and slabs and with natural stone cladding for internal walls and floors to provide quick sealing for projects with a tight deadline.

Available Sizes:

53 sf roll

Wedi Subliner Sealing Tape

Wedi Tools sealing tape includes a TPE-coated polypropylene fleece. This Sealing tape creates waterproof joints between Wedi building boards; and Wedi Fundo elements to other non-Wedi materials, such as screed and plasterboard, etc.

Available Cuts:

Inside Corner 2 Pack

Outside Corner 2 Pack

Tape Roll 5" x 32 4/5'

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